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  1. STEPH

    03 Sep 2016

    The sad day that we have been dreading all summer has passed, and yes, Steph is now back in Oshawa. Not going to lie, I’m pretty upset about it. Dani and I both agree that things are not the same without her.  I met Steph on a Thursday night (if…

  2. Joffre Lakes //

    25 Aug 2016

    This past weekend I went to Joffre Lakes which has been on my list of things to do for a while now, and I’m very glad I finally got to go. It was so so beautiful, the water was unbelievably blue and the glaciers were unreal. Photos don’t really do…

  3. The Chief // Squamish, BC

    18 Aug 2016

    Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, being from Kona and all, I would go on hikes quite often. When I moved to BC it became a less often thing since school and work took over… This past Tuesday me and my mini squad (Dani and Steph, you…

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