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  1. Victoria

    15 Oct 2016

    Another shoot from when I was home with Victoria Price. She is a young musician chasing her dreams and she is such an inspiration. I loved being able to work with her and collaborate, I learned so much in the few hours I spent we spent together. We got to…

  2. retro // paul’s place

    14 Oct 2016

    I love my shoots with Helena. They are the most spontaneous and always turn out fab.  Glitter, a few outfits, Holualoa Village, fur jacket, funky buns, tetherball and our old elementary school… made for a pretty fun shoot. 

  3. my thoughts // they are a bit messy

    14 Oct 2016

    Sitting in the Seattle airport, just looking and watching. Everyone is going in different directions and everyone has different stories. Families going on vacation, a friend going to visit another friend, a mother going to visit her kids, and a me leaving my home to go to my second home…

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