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  1. Road Trip // Part 1

    10 Jun 2017

    On May 24 my boyfriend, Toby, brother, Keoni, and I started our road trip down to Southern California. This trip initially started with the idea of spending my 21st birthday at my grandpas river house in Water Wheel out near Blythe, California. So that was the turn around destination of…

  2. tennis courts

    15 May 2017

    Back in town for a bit so of course Helena and I had to have a few fun shoots, heres one of them.  Model: @helenabanana

  3. 10 days of best friends

    07 Nov 2016

    I have been back in BC for about a month now and it’s rained practically everyday.  Yeah, rain sucks, but rain also means snow is soon to come. I have been from Vancouver to Whistler many times (I can’t even count how many) in this month and seeing all the…

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